Flying with disposable vapes can be confusing due to varying airline policies and TSA regulations. Understanding these guidelines can ensure a smooth travel experience without unexpected issues at security checkpoints.

TSA Guidelines for Disposable Vapes

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows passengers to carry disposable vapes in their carry-on luggage but not in checked baggage. This restriction is due to the lithium-ion batteries used in vapes, which can pose a fire risk when exposed to the fluctuating pressures and temperatures of the cargo hold.

Key Points:

  • Carry-on Only: Always pack disposable vapes in your carry-on bag.
  • Battery Safety: Ensure vapes are turned off and packed to prevent accidental activation​.
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Airline-Specific Policies

While TSA sets the baseline rules, individual airlines may have additional restrictions. For example, Ryanair allows up to 20 disposable vapes, while other airlines like Emirates and Jet2 limit the number to 15​​. Always check with your airline before traveling to confirm their specific policies.

Common Policies:

  • Quantity Limits: Typically, you can carry between 15-20 disposable vapes depending on the airline.
  • No Charging Onboard: Charging vape batteries on the plane is prohibited due to fire risks.

Packing Tips for Disposable Vapes

To comply with TSA regulations and ensure a hassle-free security screening:

  • Use a Clear Plastic Bag: Place vapes in a clear, resealable plastic bag along with other liquids and gels.
  • Protect from Leakage: Store disposable vapes in a protective case to prevent leakage caused by cabin pressure changes​.
  • Have Documentation: Carry receipts or documentation for your devices in case TSA officers request proof of purchase​​.

Onboard Etiquette and Safety

Using disposable vapes during a flight is strictly prohibited. Passengers should not attempt to vape or charge their devices onboard as this can disturb other passengers and pose significant safety risks​​.

Tips for a Safe Flight:

  • Do Not Vape: Avoid using vapes in the cabin or restrooms.
  • Store Securely: Keep vapes in your carry-on bag and ensure they are switched off​​.


Understanding TSA guidelines and airline policies on carrying disposable vapes can help you travel confidently. Always check specific airline regulations before your trip, pack your devices properly, and follow onboard safety rules to ensure a smooth and safe journey.

By following these tips and being aware of the regulations, you can avoid any issues at the airport and enjoy a hassle-free travel experience with your disposable vapes.