WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Become a Kuz Vape Wholesale & Distributor

We are delighted to provide superior wholesale disposable vape opportunities for parties who wish to partner with an engaging lifestyle brand that creates exceptional vaping experiences. Thanks to our partnership with popular rapper DABABY, Kuz Vape embodies modern vaping culture while embodying dynamic spirit of its time.

Join our mission of spreading joyous, quality moments across a wider audience with not just products but experiences! Dive into our partnership that puts you at the forefront of vaping industry with access to state-of-the-art vape devices renowned for their sublime atomization and exceptional flavors.

Why choose Kuz Vape as your wholesale disposable vape partner?

Our longstanding partnership with DABABY, coupled with our dedication to top quality makes our vaping products not only desirable but reliable as wholesale partners. Take advantage of our research and development, ensuring you provide your customers with an amazing vaping experience!

What sets Kuz Vape disposable vapes apart from others available on the market?

Kuz Vape takes pride in crafting carefully crafted disposable vapes which undergo stringent quality assurance testing to perfect atomization and flavor technologies, guaranteeing our end-users have an unmatched experience when vaping with us. Our unparalleled user service experience will set your offering apart in an already oversaturated marketplace.

How does Kuz Vape ensure product quality and consistency?

Our team of professionals dedicates endless hours to perfecting every element of our vaping devices from design through production – selecting only high quality materials that align with both our brand promise and customers preferences.

Can We Expect Marketing Support as a Kuz Vape Distributor?

Absolutely. At Kuz Vape, we pride ourselves on equipping our distributors with powerful marketing collateral and strategic support in order to drive sales and increase brand presence. Through DABABY’s vibrant branding efforts we aim to connect with audiences while building loyalty among your target customers.

Do you provide exclusivity agreements in certain areas for wholesale distributors?

We evaluate exclusivity agreements based on market potential and how well the distributor meets specific criteria; our aim is to create mutually-beneficial partnerships which promote brand integrity and market saturation.

How does a wholesaler place an order, and what is its minimum quantity requirement?

Wholesalers interested in ordering can contact us through the wholesale inquiry form on this page in order to request quotes and place orders at competitive minimum order quantities tailored specifically for all sizes of wholesalers based on business needs. We provide this service so our wholesaler partners have an enjoyable ordering experience while we meet them successfully with each business need.

Who do I contact if I have further inquiries about wholesale opportunities?

For additional inquires or to explore possible wholesale partnership arrangements, you can reach out directly to our wholesale accounts team via the information on ‘Contact Us‘.  You can rest assured knowing a member of this dedicated team will address any inquiries or address concerns raised.

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Drop the beat with kuzvape, where vibe meets flavor. DaBaby brings his fire to every hit with his electrifying energy.

With kuzvape, you’re not just choosing a vape; you’re choosing to experience the pulsating vibe of lifestyle.

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