Many smokers prefer vaping, which is convenient and fun. Some disposable vapes keep hitting after you stop inhaling. It can be hard to understand and deal with this. Find out why your disposable vape keeps hitting after I stop and how to fix it in this article. Also, explore the benefits of high-quality disposable vapes.

Why Disposable Vape Keeps Hitting After I Stop?

If your disposable vape produces vapor after you stop inhaling, it’s not working correctly. A defective device, airflow sensor, or e-liquid can cause this issue. Understanding these causes can help you fix the problem.

Reasons Disposable Vapes Keep Hitting

Malfunctioning Airflow Sensor: Your disposable vape’s airflow sensor activates the heating element as you inhale. A defective sensor may activate the heating element after you stop breathing. This can keep the device producing vapor.

Stuck Firing Button: Some disposable vapes have a puffing button. If this button gets stuck or breaks, it may activate the hot element and keep hitting after you stop.

E-Liquid Leakage: The device may be damaged if e-liquid leaks into the airflow sensor. E-liquid leaking can disrupt sensors and other equipment, causing continuous vapor generation.

Internal Short Circuit: Your disposable vape may keep hitting due to an internal short circuit. Manufacturing faults or device damage can cause this more significant issue.

Overuse or Overheating: Some vapes overheat and malfunction if used too often or for long puffs. Overuse can lock components in the “on” state, causing continual vapor production.

disposable vape keeps hitting after i stop

How to Fix a Disposable Vape That Keeps Hitting

If the airflow sensor seems to be malfunctioning, gently blow into the mouthpiece to release any blockages. You can lightly tap your device to see if that fixes the problem. Changing the device may help if the issue persists.

Firing Button: Ensure your disposable vape’s firing button is intact and intact. Try gently pressing and releasing the button multiple times to fix it. Getting a new device might help if the button remains stuck.

Clean the Device: E-liquid leaks can harm disposable vapes. Wipe the device’s exterior with a dry towel. Avoid using water or other damaging liquids. Try to disassemble the device and remove any e-liquid buildup. However, disposable vapes may not allow this, so replacing the device may be ideal.

Replace the Device: If the following measures fail, an internal short circuit or more severe problem may be a cause. In such circumstances, replacing a device is safest and most effective.

Avoid Overuse: Take shorter puffs and wait between them to avoid overheating and malfunctioning. This helps the device cool and work.

Advantages of High-Quality Disposable Vapes

Consistency: High-quality disposable vapes deliver a fantastic experience every time. An excellent vaping experience depends on this uniformity, which guarantees the device operates properly.

Safety: Quality vapes have built-in safety mechanisms to prevent misuse, overheating, and other problems. These safety features are necessary to keep the user safe while using the device.

Durability: Buying a vape with high-quality materials and design will last longer, giving you more value. Quality vapes last longer and perform better, so buying one will maximize your return on investment.

Better Flavor: Premium e-liquids and sophisticated heating elements enhance flavor. Vaping flavor and satisfaction depend on e-liquid quality and heating element performance.

User Experience: Good vapes have features that make them easy to use. High-quality vapes include ergonomic shapes and straightforward controls for a smooth experience.


Understanding the causes and how to fix issues like your disposable vape hitting after you quit will improve your vaping experience. Buying high-quality items like Kuz Flow’s can significantly eliminate these issues.