The vast array of vaping options available today reflects the wide range of tastes among vapers. Disposable vapes are the most convenient and versatile of these options. The capacity of the e-liquid is a key differentiator between disposable vapes and has a major impact on the vaping experience. Regulatory implications and the benefits of vapes with greater capacities are discussed in this piece, which dives into the e-liquid capacities of disposable vapes.

Using TPD Regulations as a Guide

The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) is crucial in establishing regulations for e-cigarettes in Europe. The maximum capacity of disposable vapes for e-liquid is 2 milliliters, according to one provision of the directive. The purpose of this regulation is to standardize and guarantee the safety of disposable vape devices sold in Europe. Disposable vapes may have a lower capacity for e-liquid and, thus, fewer puffs accessible, but this restriction helps create a controlled and safer atmosphere for vaping overall.

Vaping in the USA: A Capacity-Based Perspective

The United States, on the other hand, does not have these limitations, hence there is more variety in e-liquid capacities. Many vapers like this restriction-free mode since it allows for more vapor production and a longer duration of each hit. The KUZ 9000 disposable vape, for instance, is revolutionary since it can hold an enormous 19ml of e-liquid and provides an astounding 9000 puffs. Like the previous model, the KUZ C6000 has a 15ml e-liquid reservoir that can provide 6,000 delightful puffs. With these massive capacity, vapers may enjoy their products for longer and replace them less often, which is a huge improvement.

Greater Capacity for E-Liquids and Their Advantages

Disposable vapes with larger e-liquid capacities provide multiple advantages for users. Their main selling point is the long amount of time you can go without having to reload your juice tank, which is ideal for vapers who like that freedom. Models like the KUZ 9000 and KUZ C6000, which use mesh coil technology, consistently produce vapor and flavor as a result of these vapes’ superior technology. Finally, many people prefer these disposable vapes with greater capacities because they are convenient and do not require refills or replacements as often.


Everything about using a disposable vape, from the amount of puffs to the ease of use, is affected by the capacity of the e-liquid. Vapers in areas where TPD restrictions are in place be sure to stay inside the 2ml e-liquid capacity limit for safety reasons. At the same time, American vapers are taking their hobby to the next level with disposable vapes like the KUZ 9000 and KUZ C6000 that can hold significantly more e-liquid. Disposable vapes continue to be popular within the vaping community because of the variety of options and experiences they bring, regardless of whether they are subject to restrictions or not.