As far as the world of vaping is concerned, nothing quite beats old-school strawberry vape juice; it will never get old. Strawberries are known for their sweet, tangy, and refreshing taste that is every newbie vaper’s dream, with the smooth aftertaste of strawberry making even experienced vape users fall in love. Here we are today with an overview of the best strawberry e-juices you can find in 2024, going over purely fruit flavors and some extras that include creamy or menthol notes.

What Makes Strawberry Vape Juice Popular?

It comes with the characteristic sweet taste of strawberry that few other fruits can imitate, and its delicate flavor is comforting to vape on all day. It reminds me of hot summer days and fresh fruit. From a classic strawberry to the darker notes of complex blends, there’s something for all taste bud preferences when it comes to ordering magazzini storici.

strawberry vape juice

Top Strawberry Vape Juice Picks for 2024

Strawberry by Skwezed

Strawberry is the flavor that started it all for me and this fruity e-juice surpasses nearly every other strawberry vape on or off the market, capturing a freshly ripened, cold bowl of succulent strawberries. The taste is otherworldly on each inhale, which makes it number one for natural flavor profile.

Aqua Original Pure

This one captures the sweet-tartness of strawberries without any additional frills. An ideal choice for vapers that like plain fruity taste and freshness.

Simply Strawberry by Mister-E-Liquid

Just as the name implies, this liquid provides a nice strawberry vape with no funny business. Perfect for the unsophisticated and vape juice purist.

Jam Monster – Mixed Berry

With strawberries and other berries, Jam Monster has a thick mouth feel that is perfect for lovers of e-liquids. A tasty snack that satisfies with every puff.

Lemon Twist – Strawberry Mason Lemonade

This summer favorite pairs lip-smacking strawberries with tangy zesty lemonade for an incredibly balanced and absolutely refreshing flavor.

IMECIG’s Strawberry Vape Juice

IMECIG’s strawberry vape juice is well-known for being cheap and tasty; it makes a great choice whether you are new to vaping or looking just budget-friendly​.

Strawberry – The Milk

For those who love creamy flavors, Strawberry – The Milk blends strawberries with creamy milk, offering a decadent and nostalgic vaping experience​.

Belts Strawberry E-Juice By Candy King

This e-juice features that sweet, sour, and tangy taste of strawberry candy to satisfy your sweet tooth with every pull from the vaporizer.

Strawberry Watermelon by Pod Juice E-Liquid

A refreshing blend of watermelons and strawberries on its way to be your new favorite all-day vape!

Strawberry Blast by BSX Series

Strawberry Blast offers up a powerful strawberry profile nearly every vaper claims as their daily juice.

Benefits of Strawberry Vape Juice

  • Versatility: Just the right amount of delicious Strawberry in one vape juice; such a versatile flavor that you can enjoy it all on its own, or even add complexity to your unique blends.
  • Comforting Flavor: The taste of strawberries is a classic which can be quite comforting, like eating your warm bowl full.
  • Widely Available: Given that strawberry is a very popular flavor, strawberry vape juice can be found in so many different forms from nicotine salts to menthol blends and even dessert flavors.

Tips for Choosing the Right Strawberry Vape Juice

  1. Flavor Profile: Consider whether you want just strawberry or if you want other fruits, desserts, and menthol.
  2. Nicotine Strength: Choose the appropriate nicotine level for your preference, whether it’s nicotine-free or high-strength.
  3. VG/PG Ratio: Tailor the VG/PG rating for your vaping device and cloud production preference.


Strawberry vape juice remains a top choice for vapers due to its delightful flavor and versatility. Whether you prefer a simple strawberry taste or a complex blend, there’s a perfect option for you in 2024. Try out our top picks and discover your next favorite vape juice today.