When it comes to flavors, blueberry vape juice is a favorite among vapers due to the naturally sweet and tart taste. This list of the best blueberry vape juice will showcase some premium vape juice brands and show you what sets each brand apart from a normal selection.

What Makes Blueberry Vape Juice Special?

Blueberry vape juice stands out for its versatility. Whether you prefer a straightforward fruity flavor or a complex blend with dessert undertones, there’s a blueberry e-juice for every palate. The best blueberry vape juices offer a rich, authentic taste that can transform your vaping experience.

blueberry vape juice

Top Blueberry Vape Juice Flavors

Blueberry Sour Raspberry by Bar Juice 5000

Mixes a sweet blueberry with tart raspberry to deliver an overall well-balanced and revitalizing vape. Seriously amazing for those of you who like your sweet with a little bit of tart.

The One Blueberry by Beard Vape Co.

A delicious mix of blueberries, donuts, and milk form the basis for a creamy juice with dessert notes. This has made it particularly popular with vapers in search of a deep and luxuriant flavor.

Blueberry Ice by Elf Bar

Blueberries bring their sweet and juicy self to the vaping experience on inhale thanks to this e-juice. The sky-high clouds of vapor are accompanied then with menthol during exhale in an invigorating conclusion represented here as a crisp flavor. Good option for menthol fanatics.

Blueberry Milk E-Liquid by Kilo Moo Series

Blueberry Milk is a smooth, creamy, and tasteful blueberry paired with rich milk.

Blueberry Lemon Freeze by Juice Head

Like an icy blue raspberry lemonade, from the land of 1 million smiles. The type of vape juice you choose—like our blueberry variety—plays a role in this. Fruity vape juice is preferred, as you can get some decent blueberry profiles out of these.

Why Choose Blueberry Vape Juice?

Blueberry vape juice is favored for its:

  • Versatility: All the way from straightforward fruit to composite dessert blends.
  • Rich Flavor: The rich flavor of this syrup can be sweet or slightly tart, depending on which berries are dominant in the mix.
  • Popularity: Widely available from many well-known brands, guaranteeing quality and diversity.

Tips for Choosing the Best Blueberry Vape Juice

  1. Consider the VG/PG Ratio: More VG means more vapor, so go for a higher % with sub-ohm systems or those who want big clouds, but an equal mix will be better in pens.
  2. Nicotine Strength: Choose the level of nicotine that it offers. There are all sorts of blueberry vape juices with different strengths; some even come without nicotine.
  3. Flavor Profile: Choose if you like plain blueberry flavor or is actually incorporated with some other fruits and even dessert-like flavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best VG/PG ratio for blueberry vape juice?

The amount varies depending on how you like to vape. If you like to make those big, fat vapor clouds, go with something a little more heavy on the VG side. Opt for a definitive VG/PG ratio and you’ll need to find your perfect mix with high nicotine concentrations of both freebase or nic salt base liquids.

Can I find nicotine salt versions of blueberry vape juice?

Yes, many brands offer nicotine salt versions, which provide a smoother throat hit and are suitable for pod systems​.

Are there dessert-flavored blueberry vape juices?

Absolutely. A lot of brands tend to make dessert blends that feature blueberries along with other notes such as cream, milk, or pastry.


Blueberry vape juice is a perfect partner for all-day vaping featuring fruity and dessert-like blends of flavors. With those options, you can definitely find a blueberry vape juice that satisfies your palate.