Confronting an issue with disposable vape not hitting correctly can be frustrating and upsetting for new and experienced vapers alike, yet with just a few simple checks you could soon get back to enjoying vaping again!

Check Your Disposable Vape’s Power Settings

Sometimes the solution to non-hitting vaping issues could be as straightforward as turning on your device. Modern disposable vape feature many smart features aimed at protecting children, like child locks. If you’re struggling with an inhale issue, make sure that you understand its operating instructions. Is it possible that your vape requires a specific series of button presses, or a harder-than-expected puff, to disengage a child lock?

Is There a Clog in Your Device?

One reason a vape might fail during draw activation could be an obstruction from within its cartridge, making a clean draw impossible. Here simple maintenance may come into play, try gently inhaling from the mouthpiece to warm the cart. This mild heat can often dissolve any oil that’s clogging up the works.

Troubleshooting Steps to Revive Your Vape

  • First and foremost, ensure your device is on, and the battery hasn’t run down completely.
  • Read the manual carefully for specific instructions related to child lock or button sequences.
  • Inspect for clogs by using gentle inhalation to preheat and melt any obstructions.
  • Maintain your device, regular device cleaning can prevent many issues associated with disposable vapes.

By following these steps, most disposable vapes can quickly be brought back into working condition. Remember to safeguard against future problems by regularly maintaining your disposable vape and keeping abreast of the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Troubleshooting your disposable vape when it stops hitting is essential to an enjoyable vaping session. Use these insights to solve your problem, and resume the clouds and puffs that define your vaping experience.