Vaping has quickly become an increasingly popular hobby, yet maintaining your vape device properly is essential to its long-term functionality and lifespan. Here are a few essential guidelines on how you can care for it appropriately:

Keep Your Vape Upright

Always store your disposable vape standing upright. This simple practice saves the airspace from flooding. This maintains the effectiveness of the device and ensures the user gets to humanely and accordingly vape.

Keep away from high temperature

High temperatures can, therefore, highly interfere with your vape device. High temperatures can, therefore, pose problems to the battery and other internal components, hence decreasing its efficiency and overall longevity. This would hence mean that the device is at its best when stored in a cool and dry place to prevent any damages that may be associated with heat.

Avoid water contact

Water exposure is harmful to your vape device. Most disposable vapes do come with an Ingress Protection rating of IP6, but that is not going to save your device from high humidity or submersion. Always keep your vape at a place far from very humid atmospheres and direct contact with water to avoid any malfunction.

Protection from direct sunlight

Vape devices are generally designed with a core of cotton or ceramic to provide the heating required in the process of creating vapor. In this respect, the direct sun rays, besides being excessively exposed to ultraviolet rays, are likely to cause some deterioration in them. This would jeopardize the entire atomizing core of the device. To protect functionality, store your vape in a shaded place when not in use.


Adhering to these simple but very helpful tips on how to look after your vape device will, without a doubt, raise its life and keep on providing you with a high-quality vaping experience. Always handle your device with caution and keep it away from any extreme conditions that are likely to tamper with its functioning. Taking care of the vape responsibly enables it not only to experience your vaping but also to ensure that the device is in a good state, hence not having to replace it time after time, thus causing you more costs.